About us

The adventure of Apulian Selection begins in 2012 in the vineyards of Vallenza, in the heart of Puglia near the mountains of the south-eastern Murgia.
Giovanni Semeraro, owner of the company, aims to promote a niche product and enhance it in the national and international territory. Thanks to his constant and uninterrupted training, associated with the external consultancy of research centers, universities and laboratories, as well as recipes and experiences handed down from generation to generation in the family, he produces quality wine, oil and preserves.
To date, the Apulian Selection company in Organic Farming follows the production regulation reg. CE 834/2007 and is the concessionaire for the Puglia Quality Products brand. The Apulian Selection has several hectares of land with different cultivation addresses, distributed in the Apulian territory. The Apulian Selection is mainly divided into four business branches: Cantine Le Pajare for the wine sector; Four Hills for the olive sector; La Capasa for the canning sector; Sfizi di Puglia for the bakery sector.
Quattro Colline produces exclusively organic extra virgin olive oil, operating in the ethic of safeguarding the territory. Most of the olive groves are extensive, that is ultra-secular plants arranged at a distance of over 10 meters, thus favoring and defending the environmental biodiversity of the territory.